About Us

Years Of Experience


To build and maintain a world-class oil and gas service company through strategic, innovative partnerships and premium service delivery.

To be Nigeria world-class energy company, delivering unequal premium service, value and returns to all stakeholders.

ESN Petroleum Services Limited is a registered licensed virtual Oil & Gas Marketing business, developing and marketing fleet fueling management and payment solutions relying on technology; that is incorporated under the laws of Nigeria and we are passionate in the pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising services and integrity. We are a company that is dedicated to establishing good business relationship with her clients, giving them value for their money and reasons for them to hire our services over and over again.

P – Partnership

I – Integrity

C – Corporate Thinking

E – Excellence

With Energy Smart Fuel Card, You Fuel Smart


A Revolution in Fueling And Fleet Management

We have acquired an extensive expertise in fleet fueling management and have also created an innovative user friendly online real-time prepaid energy card and website that are now available to small, medium, large-sized companies and government institutions nationwide.

Our keen knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry has helped us to develop solutions that meet the needs of today’s client, these solutions allow you to reduce operating cost by minimizing loses on energy theft through effective monitoring and control through unparalleled reportage on usage by SMS, e-mail and online support which will certainly translate to value. for money and business growth.

Our Approach

Committed to Being Financially and Technologically Conscious 

Our Style

Following the latest best practices in the Fleet Management Sector, Energy Smart Nigeria prefers using high end to end encryption technology approaches to make fleet fueling easy and flexible, such as Financial Loading Portal for Electronic Prepaid Cards, to have control of your fuel, reduce fuel theft, reduce paper work, and get details of usage online-real-time

Our Design

Energy Smart Fuel Card is designed specifically to help business owners manage employee energy spending. The card is prepaid, so it's a debit commercial card, not a credit card. It allows a business owner to set spending limits for each employee by day, week or month, and different limits can be set for different days.

The Solution

The ESN platform also allows business owners to specify where an employee can make purchases (special request). If you run a delivery company, for example, there's probably no reason for your drivers to be buying goods or services, so you specify that driver Adam Kunle can only make purchases at gas stations with his Energy Smart Fuel Card. If Adam Kunle goes to a restaurant and tries to use his card, it will be declined.

Quality Assurance

We back our service with Energy Smart Fuel Card’s Quality Assurance program, which guarantees your fleet management service meets our high quality standards – and your own.

ESN Petroleum Services Ltd also has a Quality Assurance Department that regularly audits the services provided by our financial, technical and operations lead teams to ensure they meet the ESN standard. These audits include:

  • Web App Safety & Regulatory Review
  • Administrative Review
  • Personnel Training Requirements
  • Client On-site Service Inspections & Vehicle Odometer Inspections
  • Service Standard Adherence (Department of Petroleum Resources – DPR; Nigeria Petroleum Exchange - NIPEX).

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