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What is Energy Smart Fuel Card?

It is a reloadable prepaid commercial Card designed specifically for businesses whose employees purchase fuel, diesel, gas, lubricant for mobility & also for individuals

Who Needs it?
  • Business owners
  • Individual
  • Car owners
  • Logistics Managers
  • Fleet Managers
  • Account Managers
Why Energy Smart Card?
  • Reduce Energy theft
  • Reduce Paper Work
  • Cut inefficiency
  • Cut losses
  • Increase your PROFIT MARGIN
How does it Work?
  • Get your Energy Card
  • Fund the card
  • Locate any of our Partner Fuel Stations Nationwide.
  • Fuel Up
  • Pay with your “ENERGY SMART FUEL CARD”
How Does The Energy Smart Fuel Cards work?
  • It is a fuel card or fleet card used as a payment card for diesel, fuels, lubricants and other energy products at our participating fuel stations all over Nigeria.
  • It is compatible to any POS in Nigeria.
Can The Energy Smart Fuel Card Be Used in Any Gas Station?
  • Usage at over 70% of fuel Station Across Nigeria.
  • Fuel can be bought through our specific network of service stations.  You'll need to ensure that these are convenient for your drivers.
Do You offer Training and Onboarding Sessions For The Energy Smart Fuel Card?

Provide training to Fleet Contact Person(s) on all account management platforms to be utilized by the Company in the maintenance of the Fuel Card System. These shall include, but not be limited to online management platforms.

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